Chewy Bars & Chewy Sweets

Now here's a few things you can really get your teeth stuck into! Loads of delicious chewy bars and chewy sweets and all the top brands such as Barratts, Chewits, Haribo, Millions, Wham... very sticky stuff!
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Barratt Fruit Salad And Black Jack Mix - 600g Tub

Fruit Salads or Black Jacks?? - Can't make up your mind which delicious chewy sweet to buy? Well why..

Ex Tax: £4.96

Barratts Black Jack Chews - 40 Pack

Black Jacks in a handy pocket-size pack of individually wrapped sweets. These are the classic Black ..

Ex Tax: £13.00

Barratts Blackjack and Fruit Salad Mix in a Jar - 1.5Kg Jar

Barratts Fruit Salads and Black Jacks. Everyone loves them so we've put them together in a mixed jar..

Ex Tax: £13.29

Barratts Fruit Salad Chews - 40 Pack

Barratt's Fruit Salad Chews in a handy pocket-sized pack containing individually wrapped sweets. The..

Ex Tax: £13.00

Candyland (Barratt's) Fruit Salad Chews - 400 Pack

Candyland (Barratt's) Fruit Salad Chews - a childhood favourite. They're still around and taste just..

Ex Tax: £8.32

Candyland (Wham)Original Raspberry Flavour Chew Bar - 50 Pack

The new, chunkier, improved Candyland (Wham) bar - these are the original tongue tingling Raspberry ..

Ex Tax: £8.32

Candyland Black Jack Chews - 400 Pack

Candyland (Barrat's) Blackjacks aniseed flavour chews - yes, these are the Blackjacks you remember -..

Ex Tax: £8.32

Drumstick lollies in a 1.5 ltr tub (Approx 545g)

A Tub of individually wrapped Drumstick Chewy lollies, made by Swizzels - the original and the best ..

Ex Tax: £4.99

Drumstick Super Soft Chews Raspberry and Milk Flavour - 36 Pack

If you like Swizzels Drumstick Lollies then you absolutely love these Drumstick Super Soft Chews in ..

Ex Tax: £9.00

Haribo Starmix - 100 Pack

The classic favourites - Haribo Starmix, what more needs to be said? - 100 pack..

Ex Tax: £9.07