Sherbet & Fizzy Sweets

Add a bit of 'fizz' to your life with this fantastic collection of sherbets and fizzy sweets - many of the old favourites are here such as Flying Saucers, Fizzers, Popping Candy, Dip Dabs, Sherbet Fountains... and there's a few new ones too!
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A Tub of Fizzy Strawberries - 600g

These Fizzy Strawberries really do taste of Strawberries. Well, you would expect them too, especiall..

Ex Tax: £5.79

Bassett's Dip Dabs Sherbet & Lolly - 50 Pack

Remember these? Bassett's Dip Dabs are a classic favourite - real tasty sherbet with a lollipop just..

Ex Tax: £16.25

Candyland Sherbet Fountain - 48 Pack

Sherbet Foutains by Candyland have been brought up to date - some love them - other are not so sure ..

Ex Tax: £13.31

Flying Saucers In A Tub - 1 Ltr Tub -Approx 60 sweets

Flying Saucers - a classic favourite - colourful sherbet filled saucer shaped rice-paper discs, fill..

Ex Tax: £2.88

Giant Fizzers - 24 Pack

Fizzers have never been so big! - These are GIANT Fizzers. made by Swizzels Matlow - and here's the ..

Ex Tax: £6.70

Love Hearts Sherbet Dips - 36 Pack

A fantastic new way to enjoy Swizzels Love Hearts... These are Love Hearts Dips. Three delicious fiz..

Ex Tax: £9.00

Mega Rainbow Dust - 60 Pack

These  Rainbow Dust Straws are enormous and each one is filled with a variety of different fruity  f..

Ex Tax: £6.00

Rainbow Dust Straws - 240 Pack

Rainbow Dust is without doubt one of our best selling sherbet sweets and now you can get your 'Fizzy..

Ex Tax: £4.80

Sherbet Filled Flying Saucers In a large Victorian Jar -200g

Sherbet Filled Flying Saucers In a large Victorian Jar -200g. The jar stands 32cm tall and would lo..

Ex Tax: £9.96