Fudge, Nougat & Soft Sweets

Vanilla Fudge, Rum and Raisin Fudge, Nougat with Almonds... if you're a fudge lover, we've got the best buys you could find so sink your teeth on this little lot!
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Barrat's Candyland Nougat Bars - 40 Pack

Simply the best nougat money can buy. Its tasty - its delicious  - its made by Barratts/CandyLand.....

Ex Tax: £15.83

Fudge Crunch - 1.4Kg Tub

Lonka Fudge Crunch is absolutely irresistible. if you can imagine the creamiest chocolate fudge ever..

Ex Tax: £12.46

Lonka Fudge Duo - Banana and Toffee -130 pieces

Lonka Fudge Duo - Banana and Toffee -130 pieces. Old English fudge mixed with a banana flavour is a..

Ex Tax: £13.29

Lonka Old English Fudge 'Duo' Vanilla - Chocolate Flavour 2kg Pack

Lonka old English Vanilla fudge and chocolate fudge duo. This devine product brings together two of..

Ex Tax: £13.29

Old English Vanilla Fudge - 2 Kg Pack

Looking for the best Fudge? - then look no further - this is Old English Vanilla Fudge, its soft, cr..

Ex Tax: £13.29

Rum And Raisin Fudge - 2 Kg Pack

If you love Fudge? - then try this... this is traditional Old English Vanilla Fudge laced with rum a..

Ex Tax: £13.29