If you're a sucker for a good old fashioned lollipop then you'll find all your favourites here, plus some new and novel flavours too. We've got Swizzels Drumstick Lollies, Chupa Chups, Tongue Painters. Name your lolly and we'll deliver!
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Assorted Fruit Flavoured Lollies - 150 Pack

A BIG jar containing 150 assorted fruit flavoured lollipops...

Ex Tax: £10.75

Bassett's Dip Dabs Sherbet & Lolly - 50 Pack

Remember these? Bassett's Dip Dabs are a classic favourite - real tasty sherbet with a lollipop just..

Ex Tax: £16.25

Chupa Chups Assorted Fruit Lollipops - 120 Refill Pack

Chupa Chups Assorted Fruit Lollies. Individually wrapped Chupa Chups in an assortment of natural fru..

Ex Tax: £18.66

Double Dip Lollies Orange and Cherry Flavour - 36 Pack

If you like Sherbet Dip then you'll love these Double Dip Lollies. Each packet contains a two-fruit ..

Ex Tax: £6.90

Drumstick Chewy Lollipops - 150 Jar

A BIG jar of individually wrapped Drumstick Chewy lollies, made by Swizzels - the original and the b..

Ex Tax: £10.79

Drumstick lollies in a 1.5 ltr tub (Approx 545g)

A Tub of individually wrapped Drumstick Chewy lollies, made by Swizzels - the original and the best ..

Ex Tax: £4.99

Mega Drumstick Raspberry and Milk Lollipops - 36 Pack

Drumstick Lollies are one of our most popular sweets and now Swizzels have brought out the Mega Drum..

Ex Tax: £9.00

Mega Tongue Painter Lollipops - 50 Pack

Tongue Painter Lollipops have always been one of our most popular lollies and now you can get them i..

Ex Tax: £9.15

Monster Jawbreakers Giant Gobstoppers on a Stick - 18 Pack

If you like your Gobstoppers to be a little on the large side then look no further than these Monste..

Ex Tax: £5.79

Swizzels Mega Double Lollipops - 36Pack

A classic lollipop - Swizzels Mega Double Lollipops! - packed in 36's - New quantity - new packaging..

Ex Tax: £9.00

Swizzels People Double Lollipops - 120 Pack

A novel new lollipop from Swizzels Matlow. Swizzels People Lollipops are individually wrapped and ea..

Ex Tax: £8.00

Tongue Painter Lollipops - 150 Pack

Paint your tongue with these Tongue Painter Lollies. A variety of tasty fruit flavours that are cert..

Ex Tax: £10.75

Traffic Light Fruit Flavoured Lollies - 150 Pack

Traffic Light Lollipops - three delicious fruity flavours in one lovely lolly - Approx 150 lollipops..

Ex Tax: £10.75